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Hey Hobos... If your into Key West and the Caribbean islands, we think you'll going to like our collection of T-shirts and hoodies. They are inspired by the relaxed feeling you get when you're in the southern hemisphere. The t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts are of top quality. They are preshrunk garment washed cotton.  The more you wash them the better they get.    
We here at Caribbean Hobo believe in a Lifestyle of Less. {We don't mean less Margaritas or Coronas.} We don't think you need all that extra stuff that just weighs you down. An easy relaxing simpler life is what you need. So sit back grab a favorite beer, or mojito, put on an inspiring Key West or island tune and wander through our site. Take your time, no pressure. If you see something you like, great, if you don't come back and check up on us. Hey Lady Hobos, our new line of women's Caribbean Hobo t-shirts are in, check back every so often for our new simple designs. Hobo Up!
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