Rum Crazy enamel panhandler mug

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Caribbean Hobo...Just rum crazy. The mug is white, with blue rim 11 oz enamel metal panhandler style. Now, this being an enamel mug it's going to have imperfections. No two mugs are the same. 

When the sun rises over A1A in Key West, enjoy a great mug of your favorite coffee and in the afternoon fill it with your favorite cerveza {beer} and when the evening arrives it becomes your chalice, fill it with some good red wine. When you're broke by the end of the night it makes a great vessel for panhandling.
Makes a great gift for that Jimmy Buffet fan.
Now we know we don't have to tell you that you CAN NOT PUT THIS IN THE MICROWAVE, Why? Because it's metal. It is dish washer safe but you would be better off washing it by hand.